Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade
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Claim #1 Reading
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K-6 +
Preparing for College

Shift 1  Complexity  & Academic Language
Shift 2 Evidence from Text
Shift 3  Building Knowledge

    To be ready for college and careers, students
     must read a growing complexity of texts as well
     as know words that appear in a variety of 
     content areas (Academic, Tier 2 Words).

     Planning Reading Instruction

    Text Complexity

​     Academic Vocabulary

​    Texts We Use
​    Students answer questions that depend on them
     having read the text. The need to read carefully
     to understand information, arguments, ideas
     ad details based on text evidence.

    Text Dependent Questions

     Reading for Evidence

     Reading Rubrics  

    Students build content knowledge through 
     non-fiction text.   Literary non- fiction has a new 
     emphasis (especially in grades 6 - 12). Learning
     to navigate text structures is essential in 
     comprehending complex text for the purpose
     of building content knowledge by topic.

​     Navigating Texts to Build Knowledge

     Content Knowledge by Topic

Claim #1 Reading (SBAC): Students can read closely and analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts.
Understanding how the ELA standards differ from previous standards—and the necessary ELA shifts they call for—is essential to implementing the standards well.  This page has resources to support your implementation of the CCSS in the ELA Shifts that are specific to Claim #1 - Reading.  
                                 The Three ELA Shifts                  Guiding Principles of CCSS/ELA shifts in Instruction and Assessment                
SBAC Reading Targets                    DOK Level of Reading Standards                     
Tools of the Trade
 Reading Assessment Practices
 HSD's Reading Learning Progressions

Formative Assessment 

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