Claim #2 Writing
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​ Students at all grade levels will demonstrate their
 ability to revise or edit a variety of shorter and 
 longer literary and informational texts for a variety 
 of purposes (narrative, informational-explanatory 
 opinion - argument). Writers must understand 
 text structure which  is a component of text 

 Planning Writing Instruction
​ Text Complexity 
5 Assessed Writing Forms
Academic Vocabulary
  • Writing Glossary
Mentor Writing Texts
  • Mentor Writing Texts CC Aligned

  While reading, students have read the text and  
  found specific information providing evidence to 
  support answers to questions.  Now students 
  write in response to texts (or other stimulus) 
  based on that evidence.  Writing draws more from 
  text than experience and opinion.

​  Writing in the Classroom

  Writing Samples
  Modeling Writing for Evidence

  Citing Sources K - 12

  Writing Text-Based Answers  

  Writing Rubrics 

  Students build knowledge through a balance
  of informational and literary reading.  A new
  emphasis is placed on informational texts
  as they play an important part in building 
  students' content knowledge.  As students
  Read to Write their knowledge grows.

  SBAC K - 12 Writing Task Models!!! (for 
  developing writing prompts)  

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Shift 1  Complexity  & Academic Language
Shift 2 Evidence from Text
Shift 3  Building Knowledge
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Claim #2 Writng (SBAC)Students can produce effective and well-grounded writing for a range of purposes and audiences.  Understanding how the ELA standards differ from previous standards—and the necessary ELA shifts they call for—is essential to implementing the standards well. This page has resources to support your implementation of the CCSS in the ELA Shifts that are specific to Claim #2 - Writing. 
                                 The Three ELA Shifts                  Guiding Principles of CCSS/ELA shifts in Instruction and Assessment                
Tools of the Trade
 5 Types of Writing Samples
CC Flip Books by Writing Type

Tools of the Trade

 Writing Aides
  • Writing Dialogue
Tools of the Trade
Formative Assessment 

 Cheat Sheets
SBAC Writing Targets  by Grade                         K-6 Writing Targets Continuum 
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SBAC Summative Assessment Targets

Elementary Assessment Guide

Oregon High Quality Assessment Guide

SBAC Full-Write Rubrics

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 Cognitive Rigor and
 Depth of Knowledge

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