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CCSS Standards:

Common Core State Standards were adopted by the state of Oregon to replace the current Oregon standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. 

The CCSS are a set of K – 12 shared   learning expectations.  

The CCSS has an increased level of rigor to prepare all students for college and career readiness by the end of high school.  

CCSS documents and links on this site support Oregon’s and Hillsboro School District’s move toward a standard’s based instructional model.


 Hillsboro School District
 supports a standard’s based Common 
 Core instructional model.

 The documents and links on this site
 support HSD's English Language Arts
 Instructional Model.

 The strategic steps of the ELA Model is
 and its instructional delivery is outlined 
 in HSD's Elementary Literacy 

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About this WEB site:

This site was created as an instructional resource for elementary teachers within the Hillsboro, Oregon School District in alignment with the Office of School Performance’s Elementary Leadership Collaborations.

Although this is NOT a Hillsboro School District web site, this site was created as a tool and resource to consolidate frequently requested sources and documents from Hillsboro's Elementary ELA Professional Developments.

Permission to reproduce any documents on this site to educators outside of the Hillsboro School District is given when authorship is fully cited.
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Hillsboro School District follows a 
balanced assessment system using 
the strengths of formative, interim and summative measures of student 
performance to address immediate 
student needs, inform ongoing 
instructional adjustments as well as 
guiding long-term educational 

Assessment documents and links on this site support the HSD Balanced Assessment Plan.​

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