Over our years of ministry, we have become very aware that many Christians, especially new ones, need some form of specialized ministry to become well-grounded and established in Christ and His Church.

We are not speaking of the basic need for teaching and discipleship for new Christians, many churches do this well.  We are talking about getting people to a mental, emotional and spiritual place that will enable them to be taught and discipled. 

This can be illustrated by the example of the planting of a new tree.  A newly planted tree needs support, pruning and some special care until it can thrive on its own.  Without this required attention, it may survive, but will never grow and produce to its potential.  Many new and some older Christians need the kind of ministry taught here.

Many Christians today find themselves frustrated and become complacent because they are not producing fruit in their Christian walk.  It is not because these people don't want to serve God, but because there are hindrances to a full relationship with Christ. 

In many cases it is because the chaff in their life and has not been removed from the good seed.

Ministry Outreach Available